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​Auto Insurance in Lakeland, FL & Lake Wales, FL

​Safeguarding Florida Drivers from Auto Risks

​Every time a driver gets behind the wheel they are faced with an abundance of risk – from hazardous roadways to parked cars lining the curb. Awareness is key when rerouting these risks. At Headley Insurance Agency, we’re available to navigate the auto insurance coverages accessible to our clients in Lakeland and surrounding Florida communities. Our goal is to make clients aware of the coverages available to reach a destination of adequate insurance protection.

​A Roadmap of Auto Insurance Coverage

​Similar to operating a motor vehicle, steering insurance coverage requires awareness. Guidance from a trusted insurance agent is critical to receive accurate, cost-effective coverage. As an independent insurance agency, we offer an opportunity for agents to focus on the individual requirements of each client. As opposed to a captive agency, which is limited to a single carrier, we work alongside established insurance providers, such as Nationwide Insurance, Tower Hill Insurance, Progressive, and Travelers Insurance.

 Many states, including Florida, have minimum auto coverage requirements for drivers. Although meeting this bottom line is essential, we recommend coverage exceeding these limits. Our clients generally find the slight increase in premium cost to be worth the value of added security. The auto insurance coverages we produce for Floridians include but are not limited to:

​Want help choosing the perfect coverage?

​From roadside assistance to comprehensive coverage, agents are available to assist in mapping out a fitting policy. Taking time to fully develop a roadmap for coverage will save both time and costs for the future. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, contact our agency at your convenience.

​Driving Home Insurance Solutions for Lakeland Drivers

​Like you, we live and work in the surrounding Lakeland area. This gives us awareness to properly identify risks relevant to our neighbors. We drive down the same streets and reside in the same neighborhoods. Every policy we write is designed with this outlook in mind.

Even after a customized auto insurance policy has been produced, our agents continue monitoring coverage to ensure rates remain competitive. If inquiries arise regarding your policy, we’re available to answer questions and discuss your investment in auto insurance in-depth. To get started on a policy, feel free to request a quote.

Lakeland Office (863) 701-7411

Lakeland Office (863) 676-1700

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